Thursday, April 5, 2012

CD Review: Sarah Aroeste's 'Gracia'

Sarah Aroeste
Aroeste Music

American-born Ladino singer, Sarah Aroeste, continues to create contemporary rock and pop compositions with a Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Spanish element. The Ladino-language songs touch on Jewish history, love, and relationships amidst a background of symphonic strings, Middle Eastern percussion, and contemporary arrangements. "Scalerica De Oro/Dodi Yarad" is strikingly similar to the music of the late-Ofra Haza. The Middle Eastern instrumentation and spiritual vocals make the song unique and evocative. The rock-laden "La Comida La Manana" begins with a fiery, poetic introduction that leads to a rock beat with full-guitar sound and strings. "El Leon Ferido" is another rock-laden song with haunting vocals. There are quieter, almost cinematic moments in "Ensuenyo Te Vi" and Spanish guitar beats in "Las Estreyas." A remix of "Scalerica De Oro" contains a more classical vein. Overall, Sarah hits high marks with a new release of contemporary Sephardic music. ~ Matthew Forss  

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