Friday, October 4, 2013

CD Review: Escaping Pavement's 'Uprooted'

Escaping Pavement

Escaping Pavement is a Michigan-based band that explores classic Americana blues, rock, roots, soul, and country with anti-pavement tunes with an Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams, and Stevie Nicks' sound. Lead female vocalist, Emily Burns, sets the tone with a classy voice that centers around folk, pop, and Americana. The crystal clear vocals and instrumental arrangements contain a heavy 1970s feel that is nothing to laugh at. "Daydream's Haze" opens with a jingly guitar intro and throbbing B3 organ with upbeat drums and a classic vocal lead. The song is folk-tinged and country-cured without any deficiencies. "Part Of Goodbye" contains a folk-centered, rock-tune with vocals akin to Heart throughout. The song is rather punchy, grungy, and infectious. "Winter Homecoming" contains a jaunty guitar, mandolin, and banjo-tuned folk song with both male and female vocals. The Americana song is classic with scintillating strings and varied vocals that do not stray too far from the country roots. Anyone with an interest in Americana folk and rock with a country vein will love Escaping Pavement's latest tunes on Uprooted. ~ Matthew Forss  

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