Friday, October 18, 2013

CD Review: Yasi's 'Bullet Through My Heart'

Bullet Through My Heart
Yasi Music

Canada's electro-pop princess, Yasi, brings us a set of three songs that traverse the electronic worlds of pop, down-tempo, and dance with lush, sensual vocals and industrial, frenetic, and heart-pounding beats. The pulsating, cinematic, and dance-friendly tune, "Bullet Through My Heart," is a swishy percussion tune that is matched with dreamy, electronic embellishments that are heavenly to say the least. With vocals akin to Hooverphonic and Alpha and a beat resembling Lady Gaga and Katie Melua, Yasi makes her mark with these three tunes. "Dressed To Kill" is amore industrial-esque tune with metallic sounds, spirited vocals, and loud, swishy percussion sounds that are magnificent and entrancing. The dance tune contains showers of metallic sounds and soaring vocals that are sweet, yet commanding. The final tune, "Forever More," contains pizzicato sounds and chiptune elements with frenzied percussion. The edgy vocals and metallic noises are more abstract than the other tunes, but there is still a dance element throughout. At any rate, Yasi is a voice to reckon with in the dance genre today! If you want more substance in dance music, you've come to the right place. ~ Matthew Forss

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