Friday, October 4, 2013

CD Review: Guinea's Fode Baro Releases a "Mandingo Afro Zouk" 'La Verite'

Fode Baro
La Verite

The Afro-pop stylings of Fode Baro stems from a combination of Afro-pop tunes and energetic zouk infuences. The rippling guitars are akin to Congolese constructions, but the compositions seem to exude the entire continent of Africa in song, voice, and instrument. La Verite is an eleven track release with catchy, stirring, and energetic tunes with a contemporary vein. This is not a dance or rap album. Instead, Fode explores various sounds and rhythms that create moving melodies from France, as well as his homeland of Guinea. There are lively synths, drums, electronic voicings, and brass sounds that create nothing but a happy response. The real highlights come from "Fago" and "Pourquoi Me Quitter." However, all of the songs are rousing and memorable. Fans of Afro-pop, Guinean contemporary music, and zouk-tinged music will love Fode Baro's latest release. ~ Matthew Forss

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