Tuesday, October 29, 2013

CD Review: NMercer's 'Crossroads' EP

Crossroads EP [explicit]

Raised near Seattle and based in South Central, California, Naomi Mercer (aka NMercer), presents us with a fine compilation of hip-hop and electronica-tinged songs with an urban edge and soulful mix of fanciful lyricism and quirky percussion. "DB" is a jazzy, edgy, and urban track with swishy percussion and miscellaneous electronic elements. The emotive vocals are rather hip-hop oriented overall. "Why U Gotta Be So Fine" opens with an electronic concoction of sounds before a slightly-hip hop-influenced vocal section picks up. The smattering of electronic embellishments and punchy percussion are most evident throughout. "Steal It" opens with drippy and blurby keyboard sounds that move into a hip-hop instrumental masterpiece without losing its electric showers of charm. "Crossroads" is an urban joint with swishy electronic adornments with assertive vocals and symphonic blips and beeps that scream hip-hop-electronica. You're guaranteed to find yourself at a 'crossroads' and it starts and ends with NMercer. ~ Matthew Forss      

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