Friday, October 11, 2013

CD Review: Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica's 'Where Here Meets There'

Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica
Where Here Meets There

American-based and globally-derived, Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica brings us a chilling romp through world jazz, chamber music, Middle Eastern percussion, and classical music with an instrumental ability that almost rivals the works of Gershwin, Bach, Tjader, and Gillespie. Actually, those greats have music on here, but Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica reinvents various preludes, songs, and dances with a contemporary spin. Musicians Brian O'Neill, Geni Skendo, Shane Shanahan, Jason Davis, Tev Stevig, and Noriko Terada provide a wealth of instrumental accompaniment. The final result is intriguing, but not overdone in any way. The glistening vibraphone melodies, Arabic percussion, fluid flutes, and various overdubs make Where Here Meets There absolutely amazing no matter where you are. Fans of global jazz, instrumental music, classical, percussion, dance, and easy listening will find Mr. Ho's Orchestratotica very enthralling. ~ Matthew Forss

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