Thursday, October 10, 2013

CD Review: Kelley James' 'The Pattern Transcending'

Kelley James
The Pattern Transcending

Californian, Kelley James, creates a hit album with catchy riffs, licks, and chords that cover the pop and rock genres quite nicely. There is a mix of witty lyrics, poignant rap sections, and scintillating roots reggae with a dash of alternative. "Stalker" is a bouncy song with Jason Mraz-type vocal calisthenics and a gospel, reggae, and pop-esque beat. "The Legend of Rip Venice" opens with a smooth bass line, jazzy guitar backing, punchy horns, and poetic vocals. "Secret Lover" is a jaunty tune with rap vocals, punchy bass, and urban hooks. The Maroon 5-esque tune is very catchy with a strong hip hop edge that is very understandable. "California" is a breezy tune with party-like enthusiasm and fun vocals. "Brother" is a solemn acoustic guitar and piano song with light vocals and wavering classical strings. The song is fitting for the final track, as it is very pleasant, calm, and memorable. The entire album is not only worthy of a listen, but it ranks high up on the list of must-have contemporary pop albums. It contains a high degree of substance, which is great if you are not seeking a boring, ho-hum album. Kelley is a cross between Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and Xavier Rudd. ~ Matthew Forss     

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