Friday, October 18, 2013

CD Review: Yuca's 'Rebuilding The Fallen Empire'

Rebuilding The Fallen Empire
Rising Empire Records

The British Columbia-based band, Yuca, is an anthemic rock and roll group with loud instrumentation and fresh sounds. The anthemic opener, "Skeletal Desires," adds a little brass to the anthemic, Trans-Siberian Orchestra-esque medley. The vocals are emotive and alternative. "Maybe We'll Riot" opens with blurby showers of sparks and brilliant displays of orchestrated slices of rock heaven. The punchy guitars, percussion, and vocals are showy and mesmerizing without an element of false reality. "Give Up My Ghost" begins with a sauntering rock beat and radio-esque voices with a throbbing, yet eerie guitar sound. The vocals kick in and provide a perfect accompaniment to the instrumentation. "Where Are My Soldiers At" is another fine rock anthem with big vocals, big guitars, and big sounds that do not necessarily take a pop path, but the result is still very catchy and memorable. "Sparrow" is a languid, cinematic, and experimental rock track with entrancing sounds and orchestral beats. There are ten tracks in all that prove Yuca knows how to create, compose, and perform beats with a purpose. ~ Matthew Forss     

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