Friday, October 18, 2013

CD Review: R. Michael Rhodes' 'Please Remember Me'

R. Michael Rhodes
Please Remember Me

R. Michael Rhodes is a Colorado-based singer and songwriter armed with a Southern voice and guitar in hand. The six-track album is only about twenty-minutes long, but the sounds emanate long after the tunes stop. The heartfelt, "Please Remember Me," is a classy, country song with a touch of folk and pop. "Special Place For Me" is more of a ballad than a folk or country song, but there are still these aforementioned elements that permeate the music. "A Little Bit Tighter" is a roots-driven folk song seemingly taken out of The Wallflowers' line-up with distinct B3 and rougher vocals. The dreamy, "Where Are You Now," is a soulful ballad with droning guitar sounds and ballad-esque vocal arrangements. "You'll Never Know" is a catchy folk song with both male and female vocals in a guitar-driven track. Please Remember Me does not plead for acceptance, nor is it egotistical. R. Michael Rhodes knows how to get your attention with every repeated listen. ~ Matthew Forss

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