Friday, October 4, 2013

CD Review: Ted Brown's 'An Unwide Road'

Ted Brown
An Unwide Road

New Zealand-native, Ted Brown, presents us with a country, alt-folk, and pop album that brings together a variety of influences on guitar, percussion, and strings. The candid vocals and witty lyrics are trademark folk compositions that are not steeped in traditional melodies and rhythms of Maori music. Instead, the recording is more akin to American folk music. Moreover, the vocals are in English and represent an earthy approach throughout the ten tracks. "Beginners Skin" opens with a few guitar chords and a pensive vocal medley. The song is rather laid-back and it does not vary too much. "Raining Roses" is a similar tune with a laid-back presence and emotive vocals that drift along. "Love Is.." is a poetic guitar tune with vocals akin to Paul Simon. The tune meanders along with light percussion and guitar accompaniment. "Blue And Grey" is another guitar tune with great vocals and a solitary guitar lead. There are back-up singers near the end of the song. Overall, Ted creates an engaging and thought-provoking album that does not disappoint. ~ Matthew Forss      

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