Friday, October 4, 2013

Song Review: Jonus Preston's "Heaven To Hell"

Jonus Preston
"Heaven To Hell"

The New York-based singer and guitarist, Jonus Preston, gives us a pop/rock-based composition that borders the likes of John Mayer and Jeff Buckley. The tune opens with a few punchy guitar chords accompanied with drums and Jonus' soulful vocals. The chorus contains a little piano, bass, and lively drums. After the first chorus, there are spritely pizzicato sounds and a smooth, yet punchy bass-line. Jonus' vocals are somewhat akin to Coldplay and John Mayer, but not as robust as Switchfoot overall. The second chorus contains a little more active rock guitar solo akin to a symphonic Oasis band tune. At any rate, the soulful vocals and some back-up vocals at the end of the song build to a great crescendo that is catchy, infectious, and unforgettable. Jonus Preston brings us a top-rated song that is purely good music without any unnecessary embellishments or distortions. 5 Stars (out of 5). ~ Matthew Forss  

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