Sunday, November 21, 2010

CD Review: Denmark's Helene Blum

Liden Sol

Denmark's shining star, Helene Blum, is a singer and fiddler. Helene is joined by the Harald Haugaard Ensemble with a perfect instrumental repertoire of octave mandolin, fiddle, guitar, cello, Jew's harp, double bass, flugelhorn, and percussion. As a follow-up to her acclaimed En Gang Og Altid (Pile House Records, 2008), Liden Sol, or 'Little Sun', offers another fine set of contemporary folk songs from the Scandinavian North. Her voice is the only instrument on "Fryd Dig, Du Kristi Brud". While a majority of the songs on Liden Sol are based on historic compositions, "Decembernat" and "Julevise 1862" are the only songs with music attributed to Helene. The traditional "Julefest" is an attractive set of historic jigs carried by the fiddle, guitar, and octave mandolin. "Ouverture" is a glorious, yet brooding song quite in-line with a track from Emma Hardelin's-Garmarna days. All in all, Liden Sol is a bright spot at the top of Denmark's musical echelon. ~ Matthew Forss

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