Friday, November 19, 2010

CD Review: Majorstuen - A Norwegian Quintet

Majorstuen Fiddlers Company

The Norwegian fiddle and cello quintet features the classic fiddling styles of Norway. Two of fiddlers, Synnove S. Bjorset and Gjermund Larsen, perform in other string groups. Thirteen tracks of fiddling with some cello sounds compelte the instrumental repertoire of Skir. The jaunty and non-vocal tunes are ideal for a country or folk music festival, night of dancing, or historical research of classical fiddler performers, including Hilmar Alexandersen. The meanings of the songs are provided in Norwegian and English. Some of the music is taken from folk tales, tributes, dialects, lullabies, poems, and waltzes. Most importantly, the wholly instrumental album is passionately soothing. In fact, the music does not need words to be enjoyable. The holiday season would be quite empty without some merry tunes. Seek out Majorstuen's Skir today! ~ Matthew Forss

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