Friday, November 26, 2010

CD Review: Master Musicians of Jajouka

The Source

Named after a village in Northern Morocco, the Master Musicians of Jajouka is led by Bachir Attar on ghaita, lira flute, quimbri, and vocals. The long introductory track, "Habibi Tsitini", is a guimbri (lute) anthem with violin, drums, and some vocals. The calming flute and drums of "Hanging Out In Jajouka" reflect the lighter musical side of The Source. After twenty-some years of music-making and collaborations, Bachir Attar returns to 'the source' of his musical roots by recording the album in his home. The spiritual and ritual music of Jajouka is rich in Sufi musical traditions that provide curative or healing properties through music. The mostly instrumental approach to 'Jajouka music' involves a rhythmic, traditional beat without modern arrangements, albeit interruptions. Jajouka means 'something good is coming to you'. In this case, 'something good' is Bachir Attar's Master Musicians of Jajouka. Trance on over to your favorite record store this holiday season and buy it. ~ Matthew Forss

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