Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CD Review: Finnish Frigg


The Finnish group, Frigg, release their fifth album to date. Grannen is a fine example of Finnish strings with a light mix of guitar, mandolin, bagpipes, cittern, and double bass to keep it all interesting. Frigg is an ideal example of nordgrass, or a type of Scandinavian roots-folk music, with a soothing mix of instrumental fiddle and guitar tunes that mimic the bluegrass and Celtic musical traditions. Frigg has musical connections with Finland's JPP fiddling troupe, as well as Norway's former-Frigg member, Gjermund Larsen. "Maple Cake Farm" is a giddy tune as sweet as its name. The free-spirited "Bussen" is a slice of fiddle Heaven. Frigg has a way of conveying a musical message without words, but with strings and other fine folk instruments. The result is never dull. Grannen is another album for fans of instrumental Finnish folk music. Get Frigg'd, or leave unhappy! ~ Matthew Forss

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