Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CD Review: Nitza's 'Ageless' Music


The world beat and new age sounds of Nitza encompasses a plethora of similarly-related styles and influences. However, the primary influence is Mediterranean and Middle Eastern rock/pop with equal doses of contemporary and traditional instrumentation. As a singer, Nitza is equally adept at rock/pop and new age with the edginess, soul, and spunk of a budding musical auteur. The Greek-lyric song, "Se Thelo", is the only non-English song. The driving percussion of "Mesmerize" sounds like a pop/rock song from the Middle East. The varied instrumental repertoire include bansuri flute, shakuhachi, keyboards, oud, violin, bass, darbuka, bouzouki, cumbus, saz, guitar, and assorted percussion represent a global journey with a modern beat. "Lost" is a symphonic, Enigma-type track with Nitza's heart-felt vocals. As a whole, Nitza's vocals take on the embodiment of the late-Ofra Haza and Gwen Stefani. "Too Close To The Sun" is one of the better tracks based solely on a mix of melody and vocals. Nitza's music is a perfect mix of global beats and vocal melodies that border on global fusion and new age. ~ Matthew Forss

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