Thursday, November 18, 2010

CD Review: SRI Kirtan Rocks The Bhakti

Live Your Love
Mantralogy/Ishwari Music

SRI Kirtan is the work of harmonium player and vocalist, Sruti Ram, and vocalist/guitar player, Ishwari. Backed by a choir and rapper from Brooklyn on some of the tracks, SRI Kirtan is built upon Hindu devotional bhavas with Sanskrit and English lyrics for a contemporary audience. Each track rings with musical bliss from the catchy, yogic rap on "Govinda" to the heavenly-devotional "Sri Ram", upbeat "Madhura", and the folksy "Jai Jagadambe". The musical repertoire is never boring and it encompasses a variety of instruments, including bass, tabla, majiras, djembe drum, keyboard, cello, bansuri flute, dilruba, sitar, violin, and others. Live Your Love is an album of contemporary music for fans of Mayapuris, Wah!, and other groups inspired by Hindu Tantrism and yogic chants. SRI Kirtan is sure to please anyone seeking music with a higher consciousness. Simply put, SRI Kirtan rocks the bhakti! ~ Matthew Forss

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