Friday, November 12, 2010

CD Review: Wah! - The Goddess of Yoga-Pop!


Wah! is the legal first name of the band's leading vocalist, bassist, and harmonium player. The music of Maa is inspired by Hindu Tantrism with Sanskrit and English vocals, modern beats, and Tantric imagery, including the Sri Yantra on the album's cover. A frequent performer at Yoga festivals across the country, Wah! performs anything but sleepy, spaced-out rhythms and chants. This is yoga pop at it's best. Wah!'s voice is somewhere between Sade and Sarah McLachlan. Wah!'s music ranges from the opening rap of "Shakti" and "Pahimam", the R&B-like grooves of "Shanti", "Gang Ma", and "Love Holding Love", New Age-soul of "Jagatambe", the bluesy-pop of "Stay In The Love", to the softer "Om Sri Matre". The music borders on dance, downtempo, and roots-pop. If you are looking for music with inner and outer beauty, then listen to the goddess of Yoga pop. Your soul will thank you kindly. The liner notes include Sanskrit and English lyrics with song descriptions. ~ Matthew Forss

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