Friday, November 26, 2010

CD Review: Hungarian Rock with Napra

Holdvilagos (In The Moonlight)

The Balkan-folk-rock group, Napra, is a bit of a heady, guitar and brass-driven band that favors the punk-jazz grooves of modern society. The urban vocals and bass beat of "Tulipanos" cements their mark in the world of Hungarian rock. Bordering on Russian folk and Balkan jazz pop, Napra is anything but a sleepy journey through Transylvania. "Sas Ferenc Hoditasa" is a fast, guitar-driven tune with folksy rhythms and vocals. The slower pop-ballad, "Hang a Hangbol", showcases one of the many different sounds and sides of Holdvilagos. Given Hungary's geographical location within Central Europe, it is not surprising Napra is influenced directly or indirectly by Balkan jazz, Central Asian pop, Russian folk, Scandinavian rock, Rom-Rock, and even South American music! The range of melodies, sounds, and vocals is a refreshing delight to come out of Hungary. If you have not experienced some spine-tingling, folk-rock from Hungary, then experience it today with Napra. ~ Matthew Forss

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