Friday, November 26, 2010

CD Review: Heidi Talbot's 'The Last Star'

The Last Star

The Irish singer/guitarist, Heidi Talbot, continues to create inspiration, sweet, and tender folk songs with all the charm and charisma Ireland has to offer. The folksy instrumentation of accordion, ukulele, piano, percussion, guitar, bass, whistles, uileann pipes, harmonium, and fiddle provides an engaging listening experience. As a songwriter, Heidi composes and arranges songs with her husband, John McClusker. However, "Start It All Over Again" and "The Shepherd Lad" were attributed to Scotland's Karine Polwart. Additionally, the late-Sandy Denny is covered on "At The End of The Day". Heidi's English vocals possess the sound and sincerity of America's folk singer/guitarist, Shawn Colvin. If anything, The Last Star represents a strong release that does not outshine prior releases, but that does not make it bad. In fact, Heidi's latest release is slightly more folk than rock or pop. Liner notes include English lyrics. ~ Matthew Forss

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