Sunday, November 21, 2010

CD Review: Catriona McKay & Chris Stout

White Nights

Catriona McKay, a Scottish harpist, and Chris Stout, a Shetland fiddler, explore the world of music using only strings. The longing sounds of "Missing You" accentuate the fiddle's somber side, while the harp sounds offer hope and happiness. The giddy title track, "White Nights", is a folkish jaunt of creative pleasure for the mind and body. The sparkling "Eira" is a Welsh waltz for the celebration of friendship. Notably, the addition of vocalizations or other musical instruments are nonexistent on White Nights. The calming "A Home Under Every Tree" was written as a peaceful, hymn-style tune for a Norwegian silent film. On "Roddy Sinclair", Chris plays with much enthusiasm. With a running time over forty-five minutes in length, White Nights is loaded with enough care, charm, and charisma to please any fan of the harp or fiddle, as well as folk, Celtic, Scottish, Welsh, and Canadian music. ~ Matthew Forss

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