Friday, November 26, 2010

CD Review: Real Vocal String Quartet

Real Vocal String Quartet

The all-female quartet of violin, viola, voice, and cello makes a resounding impact on the musical world with their self-titled debut. With very little in the way of other instrumentation, the quartet's influence of Scandinavian, African, European, and the music of the Theatre shows the diversity of stringed instruments. The California-based group takes care to walk the fine line between classical, folk, roots, new age, bluegrass, and jazz music. The tender vocals meld together with the instrumentation to form a perfect union of sound. With some vocals hinting a bit toward Finland's Varttina and instrumentation like that of Squonk Opera, the Real Vocal String Quartet is a contemplative release of cathartic bliss. However, some parts may be particularly slow, as in "Grean Bean Stand" or the gorgeous "Place For Me". Those looking for music of Bach or Beethoven should look elsewhere. The Real Vocal String Quartet is here to play new classical music for a new world and they are the 'real' deal. ~ Matthew Forss

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