Friday, November 12, 2010

CD Review: Gjermund Larsen Trio from Norway


Norway's lively trio on fiddle, piano, accordion, percussion, and contrabass comes alive with rich, folk traditions for the modern generation. However, the songs are relatively simple, but steeped in fiddling tradition. Fiddler Gjermund Larsen leads the folk trio into the hills and valleys of Norway's majestic landscape. Aurum is completely devoid of vocalizations and electronic arrangements or beats. The sullen and spritely musical modes are never dull or uninspiring. Gjermund's trio accentuates the best folk music Norway has to offer. As a purveyor of folk music, Gjermund's magnificent and learned musicianship outshines others trying to emulate him. If you are interested in Scandinavian folk music, instrumental music, or a lover of the fiddle, then Aurum should be right at the top of your music wish list. ~ Matthew Forss

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