Sunday, November 7, 2010

CD Review: Kaya Project's Globe-tronica

Desert Phase Remixes

Inspired by deserts around the world, the global clientele behind the Kaya Project come from the UK, US, New Zealand, and Australia. This is electronica at its best. The use of world rhythms and techno, drum'n'bass, dub-folk, downtempo, dub-step, and globe-tronica with some female vocals and various instrument sampling make Desert Phase Remixes a noteworthy release of modern sounds. Of course, the Sahara Desert is a large tract of space that is the most inspirational desert location on this album. For instance, several of the songs feature Arabic instrument sampling and vocals. Though, South Asian club rhythms are equally present. As far as remixes go, the electronic grooves resemble background music for a modern spy film, fashion show, or college party. This is not music for the stoically-inclined. It is difficult to imagine anyone standing still for any amount of time on any track. Relying largely on an electronic foundation, Desert Phase Remixes features tracks by Opiuo, Interpulse, Bluetech, Tripswitch, Gaudi, Eat Static, 100th Monkey, Liquid Stranger, and others. If modern sounds inspire you, then Kaya Project is for you. ~ Matthew Forss

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