Thursday, April 14, 2011

CD Review: Asaf Sirkis Trio Let's Go On 'Letting Go'

Letting Go

Stonedbird Productions

The instrumental trio is Asaf Sirkis on drums, Yaron Stavi on electric bass, and Tassos Spiliotopoulos on guitars, with special guest, Patrick Bettison on harmonica. The Israeli-born, UK-resident, Asaf Sirkis, leads the group with an experimental-jazz-rock-infused concoction of the best instrumental music produced in a long time. The music is reminiscent of Jonas Hellborg and the late-Shawn Lane. There are energetic parts, as well as quieter moments that let the mind wander without leaving the planet. Speaking of planets, 'Other Stars and Planets' is more of a jazz-centered composition without all the technological wizardry so common in space and ambient music. This is a jazzy composition with all the twists and turns of a good story without the words. Seven long tracks entrance the listeners with a sense of awe, calmness, and introspection. The few instruments that are used are relatively in-tune with each other and rather fluid in form without any slip-ups or missteps. Anyone with an ear for the instrumental will find Letting Go quite compelling. So, indulge in it today and let yourself go! ~ Matthew Forss

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