Thursday, April 14, 2011

CD Review: Joana Amendoeira's 'Setimo Fado'

Setimo Fado

The long line of fadistas to grace the stages of the world in song and voice are nevertheless nostalgic, as they are entertaining. Mariza, Amalia Rodrigues, and others are sure to come to mind in any discussion of fado music. The Portuguese-native, Joana Amendoeira, is a young singer of traditional fado compositions. Seventeen tracks with a mellow, yet emotive vibe on strings, percussion, guitar, and piano round out the staple repertoire for fadistas worldwide. The unwavering vocal performances signal a remarkable set of songs that are as classy as they are stylistic. Passionate songs of longing and hope provide listeners with a great mix of vocal fun for all ages. The piano adds a jazzy element to some of the tracks. Fans of Latin, Fado, and European vocal music will find happiness in the sad songs of Joana Amendoeira. Liner notes are included in Portuguese. ~ Matthew Forss

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