Friday, April 1, 2011

CD Review: Hungary's Tarkany Muvek

Arcomba Az Arcod Vested (You Etched Your Face In Mine)


Tarkany Muvek is a fascinating music group from Hungary. The Gypsy influence is prevalent with the presence of the cymbalom, flute, sax, strings, and vocals. The energetic "Csipd" opens the album with a giddy, Gypsy rhythm with a playful cymbalom. Vocalist Paar Julianna reflects some of the poetic delivery and sound of the numerous contemporary Scandinavian singers today. The jazzy "Semmi Sem Hasanlit Hozzad" permeates the ears with a Gypsy-tinged sax medley with softer cymbalom tones. The piano-like sounds of the cymbalom are characteristic of Eastern Europe, Gypsy culture, and mainstays in traditional orchestras. The pleasant sounds of "Oszi Vazlat," along and Paar's vocals, make the song a perfect introduction into the next song, "Ugy Szeretlek". This song, along with "Csiririp," contains a spritely rhythm indicative of America's Roaring 20's era. Although, both songs are distinctly Hungarian, they still resemble the nostalgic era. Tarkany Muvek are perfect for fans of European/Scandinavian folk, Gypsy, Balkan, and even Klezmer music. ~ Matthew Forss

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