Thursday, April 21, 2011

CD Review: Rufus Reid & Out Front's 'Hues Of A Different Blue'

Hues Of A Different Blue

The richly-textured, jazz release, Hues Of A Different Blue, are not blues and in no way signify a somber tone. In fact, the release is rather bubbly with equal amounts of piano accompaniment, guitar, trumpet, double bass, drums, and saxophones. Moreover, the music is entirely instrumental. The music is more aligned with blue side of cool. Rufus Reid knows how to liven up any situation by creating engaging instrumentals with fun rhythms and sounds. An almost Brazilian composition, 'Francisca,' features some airy vocals and breezy guitar strumming from Toninho Horta. A mix of classic jazz, cool jazz, and Latin-tinged tunes incorporate a few ethnic influences, though primarily the music is good ol' American jazz. Fourteen tracks of really good music provide a lengthy listening session. If jazz is on your mind, then Rufus Reid & Out Front is not too far behind. ~ Matthew Forss

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