Thursday, April 14, 2011

CD Review: When Harry Tries To Marry [sndtrk]

Various Artists [sndtrk]

When Harry Tries To Marry

The music of the 2011 film of the same name includes elements of love, fun, and good times with various artists from the USA and India. As a romantic comedy, When Harry Tries To Marry is filled with Bollywood-infused pop tunes with dance grooves, lyrical medleys, and folk music. The poignant folk tunes of Sarah Sharp are especially intriguing and sincere. The pop-rock infusions of The June Junes stand out on 'She's The One' and 'Setting Sun.' Indian-greats, Udit Narayan, Madhushree, Rishikesh Kamerkar, and Shreya Goshal provide a fresh feel to the film's content. The alternative-folk group, Craig Marshall, light up the soundtrack on 'It's Coming Back,' 'Settle For Me,' and 'Desperately' with some resemblance to the alternative-folk-roots music of Owsley, The Wallflowers, Soul Coughing, or The Devlins. The electronic group, Small*Star, provides a techno-trance element that livens the moods with a catchy club beat. The compilation is well-suited to the film and doesn't leave the listener in pain. Every track is worthy of praise and recognition. If you are seeking a fun and catchy album, then try this one today. ~ Matthew Forss

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oui!!! sweet movie and cool music! with lingerie-styling from paris :-)