Friday, April 15, 2011

CD Review: Prem Joshua & Band

Luminous Secrets

Prem Joshua was born in Germany with an extensive travel history through Turkey, Iran, Greece, India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. As a master sitarist, Bansuri flutist, saxophonist, and vocalist, Prem incorporates the musical spices of Central and South Asia into an electric stew of delectable tracks. The Hindi vocals are used sporadically throughout the mostly instrumental recording. A variety of instruments are used, including the harp, electric guitar, Bulgarian bagpipes, bass, bells, tabla, darbouka, cajon, congas, bendir, castanets, djembe, keyboards, kalimba, berimbao, and others. The overall effect is a form of South Asian world-beat music with a hint of everything else. The music is not a continuous dance-beat album, but an album of serene beauty with melodies and vocals that seem to float effortlessly through the air from continent to continent. At times, the music is funky, jazzy, folksy, and trance-inducing. At any rate, Prem Joshua & Band is a fascinating group with good music. ~ Matthew Forss

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