Thursday, April 21, 2011

CD Review: Maria Volonte's '9 Vidas'

9 Vidas

Argentina's Maria Volonte is a fresh face in the musical world of South America. Though, performing music for years, Maria tops herself with 9 Vidas. The title, Spanish-language track is a pleasant tune. It precedes an English-lyric tune, 'SF Tango'. 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams' is a languid, jazzy, and bluesy tune with all the charisma of Ceu or Bebel Gilberto. Maria's voice on 'Beso Azul' awakens even the heaviest sleepers. The soulful vocals, lively percussion, harmonica, and guitar, provides a catchy set of melodies. The harmonica playing is also indicative of the more common (and local) accordion instrument. A range of jazz, folk, blues, Latin, and classy vocals do not disappoint. The sparkling keyboards on 'Gracias A La Vida' and the folksy beat to 'En El Bar' are a testament to the creative side of the spectrum. However, all of the songs have strengths with minimal disparities from the Argentinian home-base of Maria Volonte. If I had nine lives, I would listen to this one in each life. ~ Matthew Forss

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