Thursday, April 7, 2011

CD Review: Dave Dale & Nadaji Rocks Out on 'Mantra Rocks'

Mantra Rocks

The modern yoga rock genre seems to be growing with the likes of Wah!, MC Yogi, Lokah, Go-Ray, Krishna Das, and others. Now you can add Dave Dale & Nadaji to the mantra mix. Mantra Rocks is a soul-stirring, harmonious journey with blissful melodies, vocals, and instruments. Dave plays guitar, bass, percussion, and electronic programming, while Nadaji is the harmonium master and vocalist. As a whole, Mantra Rocks seems to be more structured and focused than other recordings. Furthermore, most of the songs are four to seven minutes in length, which provides enough of a variety to entertain the listener without fatigue. Whether it is New Age, rock, pop, meditational, or world music, Mantra Rocks is the pulse of the Eastern devotional lifeblood. Eight tracks showcase a beautiful set of music that transcends conformity with a healthy blend of catchy and infectious songs for this world...and the next! ~ Matthew Forss

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