Thursday, April 21, 2011

CD Review: Les Yeux Noirs Releases 'Tiganeasca'


The prevalence of Gypsy music throughout Europe and other regions has caught the attention of world music listeners everywhere. Les Yeux Noirs, or "Black Eyes," release their latest album, Tiganeasca, of Romanian, Gypsy, Yiddish, and Klezmer musings. The album title is Romanian for 'Gypsy.' The fast guitars, percussion, strings, and vocals stir up a flurry of activity into a musical melee well-balanced and executed. The sometimes jazzy or folk-riddled instrumental repertoire is not for the faint of heart. In fact, the musical energy of 'Sirba Dili' is so envigorating it seems to jump off the CD and right into your soul. Fans of folk, Russian, European, Gypsy, Klezmer, Yiddish, or instrumental music will find Tiganeasca most appealing. Get your Gypsy on with Les Yeux Noirs! ~ Matthew Forss

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Quiche said...

Hi! I absolutely LOVE this album, and cannot get enough of it on Spotify! I am a fiddle player from America with an affinity for Romani music. Hai Romale!