Friday, April 1, 2011

CD Review: Azam Ali's 'From Night To The Edge Of Day'

From Night To The Edge Of Day

Iranian-born and US-based, Azam Ali, presents a multicultural recording of lullabies from around the Middle East. The spacious and subtle instrumentation are as vast as the regions the songs originate from. For instance, Azam incorporates lullabies from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran and Iraq. Azam's voice is steeped in tradition with a warm and tender sensibility that eschews a mystical or transcendental quality. In a similar manner, the instrumentation includes a variety of indigenous strings, percussion, and plucked instruments. Inspired by the birth of her son, From Night To The Edge Of Day is an inward journey of a calming peace and charisma that leaves every listener in awe. Ten songs and fifty-minutes of music provide a good deal of entertainment. Fans of Middle Eastern music, lullabies, New Age, and world fusion will find Azam Ali's latest release heartwarmingly appealing. ~ Matthew Forss

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