Thursday, August 23, 2012

CD Review: Carla Hassett's 'Circulo'

Carla Hassett
Paulista Records

Brazilian-born, Chicago-raised, and an LA-resident, Carla Hassett brings her Brazilian soul and sensual attributes to her new work, Circulo. The funky, jazzy, and always melodic compositions represent a splendid work that is catchy, groovy, and modestly contemporary. The samba, bossa nova, and popular music ambiance is also inherent in the work of Ceu, but Carla's music is more structured. However, the music is still complex and richly-textured like a South American jungle. The result is an English and Portuguese concoction of sunny, breezy, and lounge-worthy tracks that could be used for a little dancing, too. Anyone interested in Brazilian popular music, jazz, bossa nova, lounge, and samba will love Carla's music. Fans of Bebel Gilberto and Ceu will love her. ~ Matthew Forss

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