Thursday, August 23, 2012

CD Review: Wahid's 'Road Poem'

Road Poem

The California-based duo, Wahid, is comprised of Dimitris Mahlis on oud and Chris Wabich on percussion. The Middle Eastern frame drums and meditative oud make a wonderful appearance throughout the album. Road Poem, which is musical poetry at its finest, brings together Eastern and Western traditions to the mix. The wholly instrumental album is void of any contemporary embellishments, such as guitars, keyboards, or other electrified instruments. Instead, the percussion and oud duets provide a sense of serenity and awe in the world of improvisational world music, jazz, and rock. Dimitris knows how to play the oud with a fiery passion, as well as a contemplative style for intros and outros. Chris' percussion is eloquent, precise, and always a pleasure. The energy between the two instrument forms is 'electric,' despite the lack of electrically-charged instruments. The wandering tones of the instruments resembles the galloping camels across North Africa, but the music is inherently Middle Eastern. Nevertheless, Wahid is an album of live tracks with applause at the ends of the tracks. ~ Matthew Forss

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