Wednesday, August 22, 2012

CD Review: Kati Mac's 'Save Me From Myself'

Kati Mac
Save Me From Myself

Kati Mac is a New York-based singer/songwriter with a stunning resemblance to Shawn Colvin's emotive folk voice and guitar tunings with a little Trish Murphy angst. The alt-country-Western style of "Bullet Hole Road" cements Kati's mark on the world of upbeat, folk-country music with swooning dobro, earthy guitars, steady percussion, and raw vocals. "He's Memory To Me Now" is a candid and quaint little tune with Kati's vocals backed by her acoustic guitar with additional instrumentation. "Lord Have Mercy On Me" is a bluesy track with Southern guitar sounds and reverberating keys. Kati's emotive voice traverses a varied vocal range with an uppity instrumental arrangement featuring gritty guitars, B3 sounds, and percussion. "The Wheel Goes Round" is a folksy, Western ditty with backup vocals and classic country instrumentation of strings, piano, tambourine, and a Southern Revival ambiance without twangy vocals. "Cold Day In Hell" features a few horns and Broadway-esque instrumental arrangements with B3 sounds and crackling percussion. Overall, Kati's thirteen-track release is an excellent examination of the folk-rock-country genre that is not too heavy on rock, country, or blues. It is just good music. Fans of Trish Murphy, Shawn Colvin, and related artists will love it. ~ Matthew Forss   

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