Friday, August 24, 2012

CD Review: Royal Band De Thies' 'Kadior Demb'

Royal Band De Thies
Kadior Demb
Teranga Beat

The Senegalese singers, James Gadiaga and Secka Will, present us with eleven hit songs recorded back in 1979. Previously unreleased, the songs run the gamut from Afro-jazz to funk to mbalax. The heady rhythms and pulsating beats are raw, organic, and full of energy. The trumpet or sax permeates the musical atmosphere throughout. There are nine members in the group, but the level of musicianship makes it sound like there are alot more members present. The instrumental rhythms and gritty, sparkling guitar riffs highlight Senegal's golden age of musical funk, rhythm, and popular music. There are liner notes outlining the musicians behind the music. Also, a 2-LP gatefold is available in September. The music is perfect for experiencing a night in Senegal wherever you might be! Highly-celebrated and never over-rated! ~ Matthew Forss

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