Thursday, August 2, 2012

CD Review: Meklit & Quinn's Self-Titled Release

Meklit & Quinn
Meklit & Quinn
Porto Franco Records

Meklit Hadero, a native of Ethiopia, and Quinn Deveaux, from California, showcase their blend of soul, blues, and a little downtempo funk from music by Arcade Fire, Talking Heads, MGMT, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Stevie Wonder, Kyle Field, Neil Young, and Sam Cooke. Meklit's vocals are a perfect mix of Sade and Leona Naess. Quinn's vocals are slightly bluesy, but there is an element of smooth jazz vocalizations with airy and sultry deliveries. The twelve tracks explore a bit of nostalgic jazz, soul, R&B, and downtempo. Meklit writes "Slow" and "Sent By You," which is composed with Quinn. The music contains a plethora of instrumentation, including guitar, keyboard, bass, piano, mellotron, strings, trumpet, tuba, pedal steel guitar, trombone, sax, organ, washboard, B3, and others. The soft grooves and stirring melodies are modern in composition, but they reflect a sort of classical ambiance from America's early music history. The music is not rock or folk; it's just good music with good instrumentation. It's that simple...and delectable. ~ Matthew Forss 

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