Friday, August 24, 2012

CD Review: Persian Azeri Trio's 'Persian Azeri Project: From Shiraz To Baku'

Persian Azeri Trio
Persian Azeri Project: From Shiraz To Baku
ARC Music

The Persian Azeri Trio consists of Iran's Pejman Hadadi on percussion and Hamid Motebassem on tar and setar. The kamancha is played by Azerbaijan's Imamyar Hasanov. Together, the trio perfect traditional modes of musicianship for a completely acoustic concoction of melodic modes, folk dances, and improvisational forms. The wholly instrumental works provide a perfect environment for each instrument to shine through and sound harmoniously with each other. There are plaintive moments, as well as more up-beat tempos that take on Central Asian charm. The efficient playing styles and instrumental arrangements are well worth a listen. Be careful; as the instrumental tones are addictive. Liner notes are in English and German. This is the sound of the Silk Road. ~ Matthew Forss

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