Friday, August 24, 2012

CD Review: Tritulen's Self-Titled Release From Scandinavia

Etnisk Musikklubb

 The Norwegian trio of Ebba Jacobsson, Jonas Akerlund, and Anette Thorsheim bring us contemporary folk music from Norway and Sweden on their latest self-titled release. The music is composed and performed on guitar, accordion, and fiddle. The group performs love songs, spiritual pieces, and dance tunes. The mix of vocals and instrumentals makes the songs really come alive with Scandinavian charm and amazement. The fourteen tracks are rich with folk traditions and sweet melodies that are crystal clear and pure. The floating vocals and pensive instrumentation makes Tritulen shimmer with icy-smooth executions. The lack of electric embellishments does not necessarily make the music lackluster. In fact, the cozy nature of the intimate melodies and notes are perfect enough for packing large stadiums or a house filled with family members sitting around a roaring fireplace in the dead of winter. Fans of Scandinavian folk music will find Tritulen a perfect companion in times of musical yearning. ~ Matthew Forss

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