Friday, August 24, 2012

CD Review: Haram's 'Her Eyes Illuminate'

Her Eyes Illuminate

Vancouver-based, Gordon Grdina's group, Haram, presents us with an improvisational and exciting avant-garde album of Arabic and Middle Eastern percussion with contemporary nuances coming from keyboard-like sounds coming from a violin. The violin, ney, darbuka, oud, riq, trumpet, bass, sax, clarinet, and drums are mixed with vocals to create awe-inspiring melodies and rhythms that are steeped in classical, Arabic, and klezmer styles. The ten long tracks are varied and engaging, but not overdone. The traditional base is paramount. This is essentially Arabic jazz at its finest. Gordon and his band Haram make the musicmaking process seem so easy, as the tunes keep coming with each track. The experimental and improvisational atmosphere is a delicacy for fans of Arab-jazz. Even though the album title means 'forbidden,' Haram will be accepted everywhere it is played. ~ Matthew Forss

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Tony Reif said...

Thanks for the review! Just to clarify: there are no keyboards on this record, the electronics are processing the violin.

Tony Reif, Songlines