Friday, August 24, 2012

CD Review: Exit Project's 'Livesplashes'

Exit Project
Creative Commons

Exit Project is a Russian-based group that transcends description, but the genre-bending styles and musical exploits of the group traverse the world of nu-jazz, electronica, downtempo, fusion, and experimental realms. The rather limited use of vocals allows the instrumentation to lead the charge throughout. The percussion displays and ambient washes combine with evocative club-beats and groovy melodies with multiple personalities to provide an extremely engaging result. However, only four tracks are included on the album. The lack of tracks does not connote lack of quality. The four tracks are morsel-filled with scrumptious delights of ear candy for the heart, soul, and everything in-between. Not quite as electronic as Tangerine Dream, Exit Project does indeed follow TD with some familiar characteristics of percussion and arrangements. Fans of experimental, fusion, jazz, and improvisational instrumental music should check out Russia's Exit Project. ~ Matthew Forss

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