Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CD Review: Mark Lassiter's 'Endlessly'

Mark Lassiter

Georgia-native and North Carolina-based, Mark Lassiter, brings us an exciting and upbeat EP that promises to be enthralling, refreshing, and contemporary. The opener, "Endlessly," is a crooner's special with heady pop/folk/rock confections that is simply great overall. The remix to the title track provides a little more diversity with down-tempo, electronic, and dance-type elements that are anything but boring. "Life's Like That" opens with a pensive piano melody, atmospheric washes, and a female back-up singer. Mark's pop vocals are slightly husky, but generally clear throughout. The influence is not particularly rock or country. "You're My Favorite" contains throbbing B3 sounds, rock percussion, and scintillating guitars with vocals to match. Vocally, Mark is in a category all his own. However, Mark tends to resemble Sister Hazel with a bit of Venice. At any rate, the four-track release is much too short, but thankfully, we can replay each song over and over - guaranteed, you will. ~ Matthew Forss    

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Leavethedarkness said...

Thank you for listening and "getting" my tunes!! Mark Lassiter