Friday, September 7, 2012

CD Review: Debbi Walton's 'Sweet State of Mind'

Debbi Walton
Sweet State of Mind
Ultra Sound Records

The smooth, folk-rock concoctions of Texas-based singer/songwriter/guitarist, Debbi Walton, brings us a Southern charm with warm words and kind melodies. The sunny rhythms and arrangements contain a little blues elements. The instrumental repertoire consists chiefly of acoustic guitar, bass, electric guitar, slide guitar, banjo, mandolin, accordion, and harmonica. Debbi is a great singer with a voice a little more earthy than Shawn Colvin's voice. The melodies are gentle, sweet, and folksy. There are elements of Texan folk and country, but the resulting sound is largely contemporary folk with a dash of blues and a touch of soul. Overall, Debbi's eleven songs represent a good cross-section of her abilities to make music entertaining. There is also a nostalgic element from the 60s or 70s in the vocal and instrumental deliveries. Folk fans rejoice with this one! ~ Matthew Forss

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