Thursday, September 20, 2012

CD Review: Kwame Afrovibes' 'Let's Go'

Kwame Afrovibes
Let's Go

Afrobeat from Spain via Ghana? Yes. Kwame Adzraku is the lead singer and instrumentalist with the band Kwame Afrovibes. On Let's Go, Kwame plays drums, maracas, sticks, piano, guitars, shekeres, hammond B3, keyboard, rhodes, tambourine, and other instruments. As a vocalist, Kwame can be compared with Fela Kuti, but the tracks are sung in English, Ewe, Spanish, Accran, and Ashanti. The African languages are represented throughout. Guest musicians play djembe, synth, sax, steel drum, kalimba, and cabaza for another layer of percussion and texture. The funky, psychedelic ramblings are upbeat, danceable, and groovy. There is a high-level of musicianship that is not seen in many other recordings today. Anyone with an interest in West African jazz, makossa, soukous, pop, and rock will love the intricate renderings of Kwame Afrovibes. ~ Matthew Forss

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