Friday, September 28, 2012

CD Review: Opium Symphony's 'Blame It On The Radio'

Opium Symphony
Blame It On The Radio
Man or Machine Records

The Dallas-based Opium Symphony consists of founder, Kellen Ross on vocals and guitar, along with Jarrett Kramer on guitar, Derron Bell on drums, and Drew Nolde on bass. The upbeat rock music contains elements of Stone Temple Pilots and Green Day, but it is inherently Opium Symphony. The rock is not too hard, but it is more layered and explosive than the typical Top 40 hits. "Down The Rabbit Hole" is a hard rock/grunge anthem with eerie vocals and a good beat. "Soul For Sale" contains a buzz-saw-like electric guitar solo with heavy percussion and a lack of vocals until mid-song. Still, the music is mostly instrumental throughout the song. "Gospel" is another heart-pounding track of electric angst that is somewhat melodic and driven by punchy guitars, drums, and punishing percussion accents that propel the music into rock heaven. "Return Of The Ghost" is a cinematic, mostly instrumental song with spacious vibes, atmospheric embellishments, and majestic sounds of jazzy beauty with a few vocals near the end. Overall, Opium Symphony is right on the mark with their latest release, Blame It On The Radio. ~ Matthew Forss

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