Friday, September 28, 2012

CD Review: Jason Sinay's 'Ape & The Wall Of Questions'

Jason Sinay
Ape & The Wall Of Questions

California-based, Jason Sinay, brings us six new songs and a few covers by Bob Dylan and The Grateful Dead. The music is steeped in keyboards, guitars, drums, and bass. The ballad-esque, "I'll Bring You Diamonds," is a soulful little tune with acoustic guitars, percolating keyboards, and cinematic qualities and harmonies. "Hey Mama" contains piano tones, Southern rock elements, and grungy guitars. "Gimme The Time" contains a soulful, swaying melody that is rich with slide guitar sounds, jingly guitars, and bluesy percussion. "Santa Rosa" is a moving, rock song with a good beat that is road trippin' rock at its finest. The music is good without any faults. Anyone with an interest in good music will love Jason Sinay's latest release. You will have many more answers than questions with this release. ~ Matthew Forss

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