Thursday, September 20, 2012

CD Review: The Young'uns' 'When Our Grandfathers Said No'

The Young'uns
When Our Grandfathers Said No
Navigator Records

The UK's The Young'uns are a folk trio that create emotive tracks of strings, guitars, accordion, and piano. The twelve tracks are great folk tunes with catchy melodies and fun lyrics. The vocals are representative of Celtic, Scandinavian, and Scottish/English folk melodies. This is contemporary folk, but there are no rock elements present. There are solemn moments and upbeat vocal displays of English charm. There are some vocal winners here, including "The Chemical Worker's Song," "Harbour Voice," and "Roll Down." Anyone with an interest in English folk music will love The Young'uns. Fans of vocal music from the same region will be pleased, too. ~ Matthew Forss

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