Friday, September 28, 2012

CD Review: Los Cenzontles' 'Regeneration'

Los Cenzontles

The music of Mexico and California is brought to life upon the tracks of Regeneration. The music is rooted in Mexican folk traditions with swaying rhythms rich in instrumentation and percussion. The vocals are primo, no matter what track is played. The jaunty folk-rock melody of "Murmullos," is very upbeat and alternative with a good amount of pop to go around. Los Lobos' David Hidalgo provides some musical input for the project and plays keyboards, drums, guitars, accordion, B3, mandolin, and adds vocals on "The Silence." Other artists provide instrumentation on zapateada, electric bass, jarana, piano, violin, sax, guitar, drums, and assorted percussion. It seems the music strikes a fine balance between rural and urban Mexican folk music with endearing pop senses from America. The fifteen track release is littered with good hooks, riffs, and musical medleys that are contemplative, danceable, and heartfelt. The Spanish vocals are soulful and emotive. Fans of Mexican folk-rock will love everything about it. ~ Matthew Forss 

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